Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ohhh Nooo!!!


The phones are ringing off the walls across Temple Valley and beyond. Tomorrow is the day the Craneview Middle School art club is going to the museum and nobody knows anything about it. One guy calls my son Jiro to find out where they are supposed to meet in the morning. Jiro doesn't know either so he calls his friend, Saburo, who does know but he's not sure if they're supposed to pack lunch or not. Jiro doesn't know anything about the lunch either so he calls his friend Shiro who just so happens to have the 411 on the lunches but would like to know if they are supposed to wear their school uniforms or regular clothes. Jiro is clueless about that too so he gets on the horn to one of the Art Club's upper classmen, Goro, who is a little more aware of what is happening tomorrow than any of the know-nothings who have called so far. The puzzle is beginning to fall into place and a sense of calm is descending on the valley.

It's like the teacher gave each one of them a part of a puzzle and now they are trying to desperately piece the whole thing together. I would bet donuts to dollars that the teacher handed each one of them a sheet of paper with all the information, they are now clawing to get a hold of, neatly printed out for everybody to plainly see. We're going to find that piece of paper too someday, all crumpled up and stained with ink and who knows what else after being recovered from the dark recesses of Jiro's school bag. That wouldn't be much of a surprise really. It happens all the time. What I find surprising is how all five of these kids (and it's probably more than just them), almost one tenth of the entire art club, could have lost this important piece of paper. It's like one of the major art world mysteries of all time. I wish I had more time to sit here and figure it out but the phone is ringing and it's my turn to pick up.

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