Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My youngest son, let's call him Jiro, bought a Nintendo DSi handheld game system a couple of years ago and before it broke and was sent out for repair I began thinking it was a natural extension to his appendages. I don't know much about handheld game devices outside of Etch A Sketch so I was always astonished to see what Jiro could do on the Nintendo DSi. It comes equipped with this neat animation program, which is what Jiro uses it most for. He's done some remarkable animations (mostly stick figures, a popular genre for DSi animators) which I would like to post but he won't allow me but that's okay.

My drumming buddy, Mr. Guttermouth (his name sounds a lot nicer in Japanese but it's TVT policy to anglicize all names when possible), has a son who is a year younger than Jiro who got a DSi this past December. After perhaps a year-long campaign of pleading, his prayers were answered on Christmas morning when Santa finally came through. Then the real battle began. I think his father got a little addicted to the thing. So much so it's a wonder the the kid could get his hands on it, but he did get pretty good at it. Take a look for yourself:

After seeing what Guttermouth could do, I wanted to try my hand at the DSi too but I didn't want to vie with Jiro for machine interface time. I also feared the small screen might pose a potential burden for my tired old eyes. Then I learned that Nintendo made an extra large version (DSi XL) of the same device. It was exactly what I needed.

When I mentioned that I was weighing the purchase of a DSi XL, the idea didn't fuel the home crowd with quite as much enthusiasm as I had anticipated. Foremost among the detractors was M, my wife, who strongly suggested that I should instead pull a volume or two out of the "boatload of books" I had stored in the closet and draw in the margins. "You know make a flip book," she said.

After further contemplation I've decided to shelve the idea for now and in the meantime I've got this to show:

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