Friday, July 22, 2011

Extra Extra....


The Huffington Post reports that "over his 20-year career, [George] Filer regularly briefed generals and congressmen about a wide range of security issues, including UFO sightings, up through the Vietnam War." Those briefings include incidents that occurred at Fort Dix and McGuire Air Force Base in southern New Jersey (a.k.a. Roswell East).

This could be the exact confirmation we've been looking for!!!

XXXXX, NJ (a stone's throw away from Fort Dix and McGuire AFB) - It was Christmas night 2008. I was visiting my parents in New Jersey's desolate Pine Barrens when, while taking out the trash with my octogenarian mother, I observed what appeared to be a huge plasma lamp in the sky. If only I had a camera I would have proof to show you my story was true (and maybe something to sell to the National Enquirer - my ticket out of Palookaville)but all I have is this dear readers:

The plasma orb continued moving in our direction and when it was just above our position on the ground, the light filaments emanating from its center completely diminished. In the night sky above our heads we could just about make out the shadowy figure of a jet plane-like vehicle with three relatively small lights clearly visible to the naked eye.

Dumbfounded, we combed every news source we could get our hands on in a desperate search for any kind of story remotely like ours. Afraid of being branded with the "UFO kook" label, we've been laying low but keeping our heads up and pointed toward the sky.

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