Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Houttuynia cordata, or doku dami as it is called here, reportedly holds a myriad of anti toxic and other medicinal properties and we're covered with it. It begins to creep into the garden somewhere around early June and within a couple of weeks has blanketed the entire yard (which isn't that much ground really) before it makes its full retreat by mid July. Dubbed Heart Leaf or Lizard Tail in America, this herb is renowned for its ability to fight everything from mosquitoes to more menacing viral bugs.

My wife's uncle soaks the leaves of the Lizard Tail plant in alcohol and smears it over his face and arms to repel insects (but that's not an endorsement). Long used as an herbal tea ingredient, Lizard Tail has also found its way into the Coca Cola Company's popular bottled tea, Sokenbicha, which can be found in just about every vending machine in Temple Valley. So drink this healthy and refreshing Lizard Tail infused beverage to your heart's content(but that's not an endorsement either)!

While Coca Cola is famous for closely guarding the secret behind its soda, it looks like the cat is (or some other furry animals are) out of the bag on this one.

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