Sunday, July 24, 2011

Analog Wave Crashes

I've been riding the "digital TV wave" for  a couple of hours now and all I can say is that I feel like something is missing. Maybe it's the tender caress of those familiar analog waves and how they rippled through the air to brush softly against my TV antenna and kindle the fires inside the magical window box you probably call your TV.  Economist and Newsweek Japan contributor, Nobuo Ikeda, in a recent Twitter tweet noted that the government is supposedly cutting viewers off from their analog connections to free up those radio waves for other uses, which they actually haven't come up with yet. That would mean those not able to afford a new digital TV and antenna could still be sailing atop the analog wave instead of being cast adrift (with no port in sight as they do their best to weather the sandstorm before their eyes).

Post Script

On this day in broadcast history, Analog Fish (featured in the above video) announced the release of their new CD, On the Wild Side. Catch Analog Fish while you still can!

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