Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Through the Roof

House in western Tokyo

A tree grows through it.

Woo hoo! Time to uncork another bottle of bubbly. The little reader meter on the right hand side of this blog indicates the number of Temple Valley Times limited-time subscribers has gone through the roof. We reached a new milestone with reader number 800 from the Netherlands yesterday. Like I've been saying all my life, "Let's Go Dutch!" (I think this probably-disappointed peruser was looking for something about Bob Dylan because they searched for "Blowin' in the Wind" and got my post on wind chimes.)

The circulation department says the bulk of our readers come from the U.S. with close to 25% of them hailing from the Aloha state. The Marketing Department explains that most of our Hawaiian readership never looks long enough to read anything here. It's usually "aloha" and "aloha" (it means hello and goodbye you know) for most netizens of the 50th state. Search string histories reveal that most come looking for either the Temple Valley Times Supermarket or the Temple Valley Pharmacy with a small majority looking for the times for the movies playing at the Temple Valley Movie Theater. 

The next biggest group of visitors comes from the Indian subcontinent looking for Dagen Haz. We're not sure if that's a phrase in one of the myriad of languages spoken in the region or if they were like us (okay me) and just misspelled the brand name Hagen Daz  as "Dagen Haz" just as it was similarly misspelled on a past post here.  

That leaves three hits from my sister and brother-in-law in Baltimore and the balance, about 850, coming from me.*

*It took me a while to realize the meter was also tracking every time I viewed the blog, so I was understandably excited over all the buzz about my blog and used to check quite quite frequently.


  1. Do you know the hours of the Time Pharmacy?


  2. Could you be more specific please! There are practically as many Times Supermarket branches in Hawaii as there are Temple Valleys around the globe. Believe it or not I get this question a lot for some reason and I know from past experience that the pharmacy hours for the Kailua store at 590 Kailua Road are M-F 8:30-8, Sat 8:30-5, Sun 9-5. Better check the Times' website to be sure though (http://www.timessupermarkets.com/storelocator.asp). Anyway I wish you a speedy recovery and relief from any ailment you may be seeking medication for and hope that landing on this webpage hasn't exacerbated any kind of hypertension problems. Mahalo for reading the Temple Valley Times and aloha.