Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rainy Season

Peeing Boy in front of Yamonote Line train

The rainy season (alternatively known as "the moldy season") is here again and this month the Mannekin Pis replica at the JR Hamamatsuchou train station in Tokyo is dressed accordingly. I kind of adore this little statue. Each passing month brings a new outfit that can brighten up even the most cloudy day just a little.

I was planning to make a calendar featuring all twelve wardrobe changes but I missed May. It was all decked out for Children's Day (which falls on May 5), donning a samurai helmet made from newspaper, etc. It was really cute but I was just too damn tired to get up from my comfy seat and snap the little guy's picture from the door of the train like I usually do. Now I'll have to wait an entire year before I can craft the calendar. I could sculpt a little Peeing Boy of my own and dress him up for the occasion, I'd also have to build a miniature Hamamatscho train station platform replica to serve as the backdrop. Yeah, that's exactly what I'll do. It'll take some time and planning though. I figure about a year should do it.

BTW: Take a good look at this photo of one of the busiest train lines in all of Tokyo. Where did all the people go? It's like a ghost train. 

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