Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Explosive Situation!

Helicopters were buzzing all over Temple Valley this morning. A ticking box was discovered at the police booth near the local train station and bus depot at approximately 6:30 a.m. The incident triggered the deployment of an aerial search team and  a massive contingent of police, including the bomb disposal unit, who descended on the valley and cordoned off  much of the area near the train station. Out of a sense of journalistic duty, and since I could hardly sleep anyway with the constant whir of the reconnaissance chopper flying above, I headed downtown to observe events first hand somewhere around 9:30 a.m.

None of the major local news organizations were there yet. It was a big scoop for the Temple Valley Times! I muscled my way between a couple of officers blocking the street and snapped away a few great shots of a big blue bomb disposal vehicle picking something up with its forward extended arm before I realized I had forgot to load the memory stick (note to 85% of TVT readers: that's digital age film) into my Sony digital camera. No problem because I had my little Polaroid back-up with me. It was then that the local YouTV cable television station camera guy showed up but he was too late because I had already staked the best vantage point in town and was once again  taking some amazing shots.  When I returned home an hour or so  later (about 10:30 a.m.) to reap the fruits of my labor I discovered that the batteries in my Polaroid were dead, leaving me with nothing to show for all my journalistic efforts. I can't believe my darn luck. While we are all luckily safe and sound with the situation down at the station apparently all wrapped up and everything back to business as usual,  I'm extremely upset about the missed photo opportunities. I could just explode!


According to Nikkan Sports, the ticking device inside the box turned out to be nothing but an alarm clock sandwiched between some clothes and a container of instant ramen noodles. While it sounds like a simple case of some poor soul misplacing their belongings, those noodles are loaded with sodium that can wind up giving you high blood pressure - a ticking time bomb that can lead to all sorts of cardiovascular disorders. Good thing somebody got rid of it.

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