Friday, June 24, 2011

Been Too Long

I bought a copy of this comical masterpiece (You Know You've Been in Japan Too Long...) by Bill Mutranowski more than a few years ago and it never fails to crack me up each time I crack it open. It's as entertaining as it is insightful with delightful illustrations of expat life that are so spot-on they are sure to hit home with readers from Japan's foreign community and others.

The synopsis on the Powell's Books web site says, "You Know You've Been in Japan Too Long... is a delightful, sometimes wry look at life in Japan through the eyes of an accomplished illustrator. Through an eclectic collection of cartoons, Bill Mutranowski uses his own experience as an expatriate to poke fun at the situations foreigners often find themselves in ....(read on at Powell's Books).


  1. this would make an ideal gift for your friends and relatives both near and far....

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    As much as we would like to follow your suggestion, it's Temple Valley Times policy to ignore all anonymous correspondence. Sorry and thanks for reading.