Thursday, May 5, 2011

Size Matters

Lego guys next to glass encased Children's Day doll
"It's big." That's what people usually say when they see it. It was a gift to my son, Ichiro (not his real name), from his great aunties for his first Children's Day. It was huge and fragile and impractical to take home across the Pacific so we left it in good hands, tucked safely away in a darkened corner of my mother-in-law's closet. And there it stayed, patiently waiting.

When we moved to Japan some years later our humble abode was just too small for this hugely festive adornment. It took up as much room as a small child, and since we already had two of those battling for space in our cramped one bedroom place, we decided it would be best if it remained in safe storage just a little while longer.

Nineteen Children's Days have come and gone since Ichiro was gifted this glass encased museum piece and we now finally have just enough room in our home to display it. It's just in time too for this year my son will celebrate Coming of Age Day. It's the day that 20-year-olds in Japan officially reach adulthood, the day they put all their childish things away.

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