Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rising from the Rubble

The Asahi Shinbun reports that in the Tsunami-ravaged areas of northeastern Japan "the wood among the debris was saturated with salt from the seawater, which means it could emit harmful substances or corrode incinerators if burned."  When incinerated hydrogen in the debris would combine with chloride from the seawater to form the toxic compound, hydrogen chloride. So far Miyagi and Iwate prefectures (Fukushima which is still busy grappling with the ongoing problem of the disabled reactors is saddled with the additional burden of radiated debris) are looking at ways to mitigate incinerator emissions of hydrogen chloride. I just wonder if discarding these huge mountains of refuse in Miyagi and Iwate is the only option. Although full of painful memories as well, I wonder if some of it could somehow be reused as Dan Phillips (the speaker in the video) from Phoenix Commotion has done with discarded trash and used to give new life to much treasured homes.

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