Sunday, April 17, 2011

Postponing the Inevitable

And the winner is....

NASA image of the Earth as seen from Apollo 17

Tokyo - Earlier this month Japan's giant media conglomerate, Fujisankei, announced that it would be postponing the award ceremony for its 20th "Global Environment Award." The award is given to corporations who have made a lasting impact on the global environment via environmentally friendly products, etc. Who do you think this year's top honors went to (hint: a corporation that has made a lasting impact - with a half life of forever - on the environment)? If you said TEPCO, the owner of the leaking nuclear power station at Fukushima, you're right.

Fujisankei first announced the prize results back in February and I guess now they don't know what to do. Their latest press announcement about the postponed awards ceremony avoids mentioning the first place winner altogether. Now the question is when they do hold the ceremony, on what remote island will everyone gather and will TEPCO outsource accepting the award to a third party just like its done with attempting to clean up its radioactive mess.

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