Monday, April 4, 2011

Outrage Sparked!

Yokohama - I recently penned an op-ed article that appeared in the U.S. daily, the Baltimore Sun. While the essay dealt with the tragic events that have occurred in the wake of the enormous quake and monster wave that has devoured so many towns and lives along the northeast coast of Japan, I was excited at the prospect of seeing my words standing along side the commentaries of kings, queens, heads of state, and Dan Rodricks. I quick as I could dashed off an email to my beloved family residing in the Baltimore area to tell them of my latest publication with a request for the small favor that they clip the little opus from those pages and post it to me at their earliest convenience. Upon receiving my correspondence, my brother-in-law, Sparky, had this earth-shattering reply:

Oh man, I wish you would have mentioned that sooner, bunky.

Fact is, the lady of the house just wrapped up some crabs with that edition. Sorry, but, hey, tell you what, I can go outside in the trash and shake them crab scraps off the SUNPAPERS, then send 'em to you by M bag.

That work for you, bunk?


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