Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dagen Haz Anyone?

Copyright 1895 by The Gribler Bank Note Co. from photo by Bakers Art Gallery

I discovered a great money making opportunity while surfing the web the other day. It was the homepage of a company called, crowdSPRING. The site says it's the "world's #1 marketplace for logo design, web design, and crowdsourced writing projects." New businesses looking for a name or logo; record companies looking for a CD cover design; and a host of others go to crowdSpring with their needs. The company then posts those needs as projects on their site for anyone to submit their creative solutions.

The folks at crowSpring say they "hope to challenge the current thinking on where great ideas come from. The truth is that a great idea can come from anyone, anywhere - whether they're a janitor by day and a designer by night or a stay-at-home mom who doesn't have the time to run her own web studio." That was me all over I thought so I looked over the list of projects and saw one that looked tempting. It was a branding project for a European styled ice cream parlor/coffee house(serving Belgian ice cream and Italian coffee). They had a great product, all they needed was a name to match. It came came to me immediately: Dagen Haz. Well actually it came to my wife immediately but I was the one who had the marketing sense to harvest the idea for the whole world to feast upon. Anyway I'm still waiting to hear back about my pitch. I think they were willing to pay three hundred dollars for a good name.

Okay I'm not holding my breathe. Maybe the name Dagen Haz isn't ripe for the American market but I think there are some places where it could really take root. Take a look at this new coffee shop opening up in Liuzhou, China.

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