Friday, April 29, 2011

Blowing in the Wind

South Jersey and Yokohama - During a trip to some southwestern US state my sister picked up a wind chime made from old kitchen utensils, beads, and more. It was whimsical, musical and, since it was made essentially from trash, completely in tune with the environment. I fell in love with it instantly and began picking up scrap along the road of life to fashion my own similar wind chime. Then one day about 15 years later while poking through a small gift shop near the eastern seaboard State of New Jersey's famed shore, I spied my exact vision of whimsy and environmental harmony hanging from the ceiling. I had to have it, so I plucked down two sawbucks on the cash register counter and the work of art was all mine.

It's basically the same as the swinging sculpture my sister had carried home from her westward sojourn with one or two striking differences. With the fate of our planet may be swinging in the balance, her chimes seemed to tip the scales in favor of the environment. When I hear them blow in the wind, mine, made entirely from newly mined raw materials and fashioned in a factory somewhere in China to look like authentic recycled Americana, sound just a little out of sync. But, if you don't look at the label, mine is still kind of  pretty to look at.

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