Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hey Hon

Cartoon by JTC ca. 1985 exclusive to The Temple Valley Times

This (news release below) hot off the press from Smile Hon You're in Baltimore. In case you forgot, Baltimore is sister city to Temple Valley neighbor, Kawasaki, the manufacturer of at least half the smog-filled air that hovers over our tranquil little vale. The other half is all hometown brewed.

Long-running Baltimore Zine Seeks Submissions
for Special "Hon" Edition
December 14, 2010
For immediate release

BALTIMORE, Md. – Prompted by the recent public furor over a Hampden restaurant-owner's trademarking of the word "hon", award-winning local literary zine Smile, Hon, You're in Baltimore! announces a call for submissions of stories, essays, poetry, photography and related artwork for an upcoming issue focusing on the term's roots, its celebration and exploitation, and its past, present and future roles in Baltimore's identity.

"Given the anger and pure, raw emotion floating around out there, it's clear that there is much more at play here than a simple three-letter term of endearment," says Smile, Hon Editor William P. Tandy. "That said, what a wonderful thing it would be if we could put this well-nigh unprecedented outrage and energy to positive use – for the city, for ourselves, for each other."

Questions and ideas to consider include ....(continue reading on the Eight-stone Press blog)


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