Friday, November 5, 2010

A Toilet Tale

Toilet tales, anyone who has ever visited the Land of the Rising Sun (that's Japan) usually comes home with one. This fall, Toilet, a film by Japanese director Nao Ogagami, made a fabulous addition to that ever rising fountain of fables. My wife and I caught the movie in a cinema located in Yokohama's High Island district one Wednesday morning last month or so. Wednesday is "ladies day" which means the usual ticket price of about 1800 yen (approx. 18 dollars) is cut in half for women. I was the only man in the entire jam-packed theater. Now here is the really weird part: this Japanese movie was entirely in English with Japanese subtitles!
Set in the U.S. and filmed in Canada, the movie stars renowned Japanese actress, Masako Motai, who plays the role of the grandmother to the rest of the lead cast of relatively unknown English-speaking actors. The story revolves around a family of three grown kids whose mother, a Japanese immigrant to the US, has recently died and their evolving relationship with their long lost grandmother who arrives in America just before her daughter's demise. Despite the fact that grandma can't speak a word of English and the children have virtually no knowledge of Japanese, the bonds that tie them together guide them toward overcoming the language barrier that seems to divide them in this humorous, heartwarming tale of human relationships. Running through the entire story is the central theme of, you guessed it, the toilet.

I give this movie eight toilet tissue rolls (using the standard international toilet tissue roll movie rating system, 8 rolls is roughly the equivalent of two thumbs up).

Just a reminder: Christmas is just around the corner. Why not try decorating your tree with toilet tissue instead of garland this year. It's the environmentally friendly choice. Ask yourself, What Jesus would do? Then make the right choice. If you click on the link and order via Amazon, a percentage of the proceeds will somehow eventually go to me.

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