Friday, November 19, 2010

Tis the Season

Temple Valley - It's that time again. The first bottles of Beaujolais noveau wine have arrived from France, hitting Temple Valley with a bang. The normally restful residents of this once idyllic vale have been licking their lips for weeks in anticipation of the moment that the fermented spirits will slither down their gullet and warm the cockles of their hearts. "People here are really Beaujolais nouveau crazy," I said to M, my wife, as I related the story of a restless mob clomoring to get their hands on one of the countless bottles for sale at the local Seiyu (that's Japanese for Walmart) grocery store. Then she lifted her nose out of the morning paper and trumped my tale with an article about guests of a hotel in the Hakone resort area, just south of Tokyo, who were bathing in the stuff nightly.

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