Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love Is in the Air

Photo by Micha L. Reiser via Wikipedia
Temple Valley, Tsurumi, Yokohama - It's that season again. The evidence is just about everywhere you might rest your eyes here in Temple Valley. In golden gossamer threads strewn across the path that leads to my door lie the lifeless bodies of suitors found most unworthy. Oh well, that's life. Well that's life if you're a male joro spider (Nephila Clavita). They say the "courtship" ritual for this colorful species of arachnid can take hours as the smaller male, exercising extreme patience, noiselessly creeps from behind before pulling on a nearby strand of the web and asking the female of the species out on a date with a good chance of her turning and stopping him literally dead in his tracks. While the dead carcass of a scorned lover might be a turn-off for some, not so with these intrepid little buggers, for them the species must go on.
Nephilia Clavita has weaved a lasting impression into the public's imagination in Japan. For ages story tellers here have spun tales of  mythical spider-like creatures with the ability to transform themselves into beautiful maidens who exist only to lure unwitting men into a venomous trap with their seductive charms. If spiders could talk I think they would tell a whole other story.

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