Saturday, September 18, 2010


Cold Hotcake Shake? Yes We Can!

How I love the smell of pancakes fresh out of the vending machine! Thanks to the Morinaga confectionery company there's no more sticky maple syrup mess or nasty batter-caked bowls to clean up. Its new pancake-flavored ice-cold milkshake is perhaps more than IHOP could have ever dreamed of and at only 120 yen (about a dollar fifty) a pop you could afford to guzzle down a stack of cans and still have enough change to buy a tin of sausages to round off your meal.

Like a Charm

I was cutting the branch of a cherry tree that grows in my mother-in-law's garden to make a couple of little painted wood amulets for my parents when a miraculous image suddenly appeared to me in the grain of the wood. Can you see it? If you can, you are truly blessed.
I cut two slices off the branch, sanded them smooth, polished them up with bee's wax and gave them to my parents but I think I could have sold them on ebay for like a gazillion dollars. That's why I'm determined to return to my mother-in-law's garden tonight and find that branch. I'm going to cut like a million paper thin slices and market them under the name, "Miracle Chips." The real miracle will be locating that branch.

Where the hell was it now?

Banana Gone Bad

Smile, Hon: Waste

Here is my latest literary opus which appeared in this outstanding tome from Eightstone Press (You can buy it there <- or here -> Atomic Books. Don't waste your time reading anything else).

Baltimore and bananas have always gone hand in hand. Back in the day, when the gleaming shopping pavilions that now line the city’s inner harbor weren’t even a glimmer in anybody's eye, the banana boats ruled the wharf. The Port of Baltimore is what made the banana the favorite fruit of Americans it is today. Up until the 50’s, outside of the infamous red light district dubbed “The Block,” watching the unloading of the banana boats was one of the city’s greatest spectacles...(Read more)

Ride of My Life Rolls Over to Greener Valley

The Ride of My Life  The wheels are always turning (in opposite directions).
...with a new name and brand new outlook.