Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Koi Boy is Coming!

You better watch out,
Koi Boy is coming!
May 5th is Children's Day (formerly known as Boys' Day) in Japan. Usually household's with young boys will hang carp-shaped streamers (koinobori)and maybe display a samurai-like figure (Kintaro) or ornamental samurai helmet (kabuto) inside the home on this day. There are a few other customs too. Actually I don't know what the heck your supposed to do on this day but in my household every year Koi Boy comes bearing gifts for all good little girls and boys. 


  1. Nice picture! Thank you, very funny!
    I put the picture of koinobori on this http://twitpic.com/1kyy2r .
    Where is the my home town called "fujieda".
    I hope you and your family wil have a good Children's day!

    "Koi Boy is boy? It's looks like Ojisan!" hiro

  2. Since Koiboy didn't come to our house, does that mean we weren't good? Or bad? Or anything?
    We understand Koiboy will be visiting New Jersey this year. In uniform?

  3. Hiro,
    Nice koinobori photo! I'll be following you on twitter.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Koi boy comes but once a year. He can't live very long out of water so he can only visit people who live along the river banks. Over the years the majority of river bank dwellers have moved to the highlands to escape flooding etc. and since Koi Boy is unable to venture into the mountains his popularity has waned. The love people once had for Koi Boy now been usurped by his arch rival, Santa Claus, who looks down upon our fine finned friend from his northern polar lair and mockingly bellows: "HO HO HO!" By the way koi also means love.