Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Road Ahead

Most of the following was taken directly from the website of the Independent Transportation Network® (ITN).

"Life's a journey" and the national NPO, ITN is providing "rides with door-to-door, arm-through-arm service to thousands of seniors nationwide. It's a truly innovative solution with unique programs that allow older people to trade their own cars to pay for rides, and enable volunteer drivers to store transportation credits for their own future transportation needs. ITN's Road Scholarship Program converts volunteer credits into a fund for low-income riders, and the gift certificate program helps adult children support their parents' transportation needs from across the street or across the nation."

Some interesting aspects of ITN's ride program include a feature they've dubbed, Ride & Shop™, where "merchants such as super markets and shopping malls help to pay for rides. The payment is electronically integrated into ITNRides technology so there are no stamps or stickers for consumers to collect. It is a consumer-friendly paperless system." Another feature that caught my eye was Healthy Miles™ in which "health providers help to pay for rides. It is similar to Ride & Shop." Then there is CarTrade™. If "an older person has a vehicle they can no longer drive, the ITN CarTrade program helps them convert this depreciating capital asset into a fund to pay for their rides. In a way, CarTrade allows people to continue to benefit from their automobiles. Participation in CarTrade is a benefit of ITN membership, and there is no charge."

ITN is looking into a number of innovative ways around the road blocks to senior mobility and as their tag line says, "the quality of our lives is riding on it."

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