Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Way Out

This is a spot near my neighborhood where they are building at least five houses, two in the front and three in the back (pretty much standard). The street wasn't wide enough for me to get a wide angle shot, which is why they had to park the cement mixer truck two blocks over and pipe in the foundation over the rooves of the existing structures. I'm wondering if that will be the same access route for the people who live in the houses that are sandwiched in the middle.

I don't know what the word for claustrophobia is in Japanese but I'll bet nobody around here ever heard of it anyway.

Not all of the streets are this narrow and densely populated, some are even more so. My mother-in-law's house sits on a fairly big plot of land. She owns the house but not the land underneath it. She used to rent stairways on both sides of her house but the landlord changed the terms of agreement without her knowing and now she just has the right to use one set of stairs. My uncle-in-law's house is situated catty-cornered across from her place. He has to use my mother-in-law's walkway and stairs to get in and out. If my mother-in-law ever sells her house, he'll literally have no way out.

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  1. "Wallkway" is spelled incorrectly. There should be only one "l."