Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Seat for Sore Eyes

Craneview Ward, Yokohama - When looking for a place to rest my weary eyes, I usually need look no further than my local bus stop. While bus stops like these, with broken down chairs often sporting hand-painted advertisements, are a common sight, I find them uncommonly interesting. Often the dilapidated furniture is juxtaposed with a shiny new marble faced building in another seeming disconnect in this land of seeming incongruities. Sometimes the buildings are just as well worn as the seats they face.

What kind hands have laid these resting posts in their place? Only the shadows of the night know for sure. It has been suggested by at least one cynical observer that the kindness of these strangers is all a clever ruse to avoid the bulk garbage fee that would normally be charged for disposing of an unwanted chair. I don't believe it. Maybe that's because I always see the chair as half built rather than half broken, in "a state of transition" just like the bus stop itself. 

I think this guy was ignoring me.

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