Sunday, January 24, 2010

Invasive Species

Tsurumi, Yokohama - This pond near my home is chock full of American crawdads, an invasive species. I don't know what kind of havoc they have wreaked on the local ecosystem but they provide the local residents, kids, adults, entire families, with hours and hours of wholesome recreation as they fish the little critters to their hearts' content. It's all great fun and nobody gets hurt in the process. Surprisingly (I mean this is Japan) nobody around here has thought of eating them, so it's all basically catch-and-release or catch and keep in a tank as a pet (next to the pet beetle tank perhaps). Whenever I pass by the pond, I like to tell everyone, "You're welcome" and point out the fact that the crawdads are American, just like me, an invasive species.

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