Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Get a Grip on Holiday Cooking

I don't know if the Aunt Bessie's Mash Van that serves up this delicious year-round treat of mashed potatoes and gravy topped off with a banger and sprinkled with green peas is still rolling around the byways of Britain but if it crossed the Atlantic it would no doubt, at least figuratively speaking, stop the hearts of meat and potato lovers everywhere. It's a virtual cornucopia to go. Think of it, no more hassles of preparing a huge holiday dinner. Replace the banger with a turkey sausage, put it all in a cone and off to the mall you go. Who knows maybe some day Aunt Bessie will open up shop in a food court near you or if luck would have it bring her ice cream truck-styled Mash Van right to your very own neighborhood. Doesn't the thought of that just make you want to shout, "STOP!!!"

This article originally appeared in "Direct from the Underground" a now defunct website devoted to everything tubers.

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