Friday, October 30, 2009

Now Crass Lepeat After Me

The other day my 10-year-old son had an English (as a foreign language) class at his Yokohama City public elementary school and came home with an accent. It was weird.

About the photo: High school class in Kanagawa, Japan, ca. 1963 by Takato Marui via Wikipedia

FYI: Japanese students consistently score high marks on international tests for mathematics, etc. Click here to learn more about education in Japan.


  1. I just visited the Potato Portal and was very disappointed that there was nothing about the most famous potato couple of all time.
    Where is Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head?

  2. Will you be doing a posting for the birthday boy?

  3. Will you be posting any new information? Seems like you are behind with new postings and your fans miss the exciting information that you provide.

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