Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I was going to ride my bike the other day when I noticed the back tire was flat. I tried to blow it up with a pump but it was still as flat as a pancake so I removed the tube and checked for leaks. I found a hole as big as a dime. There was just no way to fix it. I was really bummed out over the loss of an otherwise perfectly good tube until, flash, I remembered my sister's birthday was coming up. I now had the perfect gift for her right in my hands. Well almost, I still had to make a few modifications until I came up with the:


You too can make your own Tubelt.

Here's what you need: one old punctured tire tube and a belt buckle (I got mine at a fabric store for about a dollar)

Here's what you do: Scrub the tube up so it looks as good as new, snip off the valve and thread the ends of the tube through the two belt buckle pieces. Then put it all inside the box that contained the new replacement tube you just put on your bicycle and voila! You've made a totally environmentally friendly fashion statement that adds a whole new meaning to the word ReCycle.

The Tubelt

Expanding and contracting
to suit your lifestyle.

Tube or not to tube.
Tube is the answer.

“It’s like totally tubular man.”

Happy Birthday Maryann!


  1. What an inspired gift to send your sister! I am sure she is enjoying being the fashion hit of America.

    Keep up the great ideas for recyled gifts. Just an fyi some people may not enjoy the "rubber" scent of a tire belt-have you considered some way to deal with that-as soon as you have-PLEASE CONTACT ME-
    Your fan

  2. All mothers should have such a belt. It resounds with a proletariat charm for the working masses. I tell you, you are on to something, comrade. Have you yet considered marketing this to the QVC or HSN networks in America? There is a new consciousness growing now that private sector business is being subjugated by the new administration. A brilliant fashion item!

  3. It is inflatable. You could fill it with a number of aromas or stuff it with fragrant herbs or spices to mask the organic rubber odor. Lavender maybe would be a good choice.

  4. Anonymous,
    I spit on very idea of these depraved forms of televised capitalist brainwashing you mention. Comrade have you forgotten? Ownership of property is crime. Unless of course by this "marketing" you mean easing the plight of the laboring class. In that case I suppose I could persuade my cadre of loyal followers to spin the means of mass production at our disposal and turn out the odd case or two for how do you put it, "for sale." Viva la Tuba! Fashion for the people.

  5. Comrade Jtaro, Pls Forgive me. I am blessed to have you to keep me from going astray to those decadent avenues of profligate consumerism. I'd like to conyinue but I'll have to get back to you later, as my newly purchased big screen sports TV has to be cleaned - I spilled nearly a half can of vintage 2009 Bud Lite and a damn good portion of a Big Mac on the LCD yesterday whilst observing a decadent imperialistic football game.

  6. Good work comrade! Keep your eye on creepings of imperialist capitalist shakes, I mean snakes, into very fiber of social fabric of working class (by the way club soda is always good way to get beer and Big Mac stains out of fabric). Try not to fall under the spell of their fries, I mean lies. This McDonald he is always spreading nothing but capitalist fries, fries, fries! I mean lies.

  7. Okay people, let's get back on topic. The discussion is: "the use of vulcanized rubber in fashion."