Saturday, August 15, 2009

Danger Everywhere!

Yesterday was the birthday of Hans Christian Ørsted, the father of electromagnetism, which only reminded me of electromagnetic fields and the possible dangers lurking behind every electronic device in my home. A few months ago I went out and bought an electromagnetic field meter in hopes of putting an end to my constant trembling fear of the electromagnetic waves that may be pulsing through my body. The meter has three color bands, green, yellow and red. Green is the safest and red the most potentially lethal. I started out by testing my laptop. It was green. “This can’t be,” I said to myself and quickly moved on to test the TV. It was green too! “Something is definitely wrong here,” I thought. There has to be something wrong with the meter I bought. It was the cheapest model available. It’s probably defective. I thought for sure I was living in a red-hot zone. I have to invest in a better one. I won’t be satisfied until I uncover the truth about the hidden dangers around me. Only then will I be able to put my fears to...? Well I’ll keep you posted and let you know the results of the tests using the new meter.


  1. Glad to see you are back-are you looking for problems? I think the world supplies enough so if you are in a green zone-enjoy it!

  2. Dear Anonymous Reader,

    Yes, you are correct.
    Thank you for your thoughtful comment!